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Youth Development & Intervention

By Amber Keller posted 10-22-2014 04:52 PM


Youth Development and Intervention Program
Provides leadership in creating programs, which serves at-risk youth linking parental/guardian involvement. Strategies applied include community bridge building, teen summits, parenting skills training, tutoring, and employability skills training/job placement services. All activities are designed to help young people who are often caught up in the vicious cycle of peer pressure, illegal conduct, uncooperative behavior and broken contracts that lead to the legal system. Serves youth between the ages of 10 through 18 years old.

NULITES (National Urban League Incentives To Excel and Succeed) NULITES is a youth program of the National Urban League being conducted in over 100 communities nationwide to address the challenges young adults face as they navigate their teenage years. The programs focus on education, character-building, community responsibility, and college/career prep is centered on creating and molding the next generation of civic leaders and professionals. Founded on the premise that young people are our most valuable resource, NULITES is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in todays society while providing opportunities for personal and leadership development. The program promotes and maintains high standards of well-being, educational, character and leadership qualities, which is accomplished through group activities, meetings, special educational programs, field trips and FUN!

Program Highlights: NULITES activities include college exploration tours, SAT & ACT prep courses, work skills training, cultural activities, scholarship opportunities, community service projects, and attending the State and National Urban League Conferences with over 1,000 other NULITES.